Frequently Asked Questions

Do you honor competitor coupons?

YES! – We will meet or beat any advertised competitors price on same item
within 100 miles of our location.

What are your hours?

Store hours vary through the season. We are open daily from June 1st through July 10th. Please check our locations tab for more information

Are you open July 4?

YES! We are open all day on July 4th.

What does “safe and sane fireworks” mean?

The definition of “Safe and Sane” can vary by state. Typically, this term refers to fireworks which do not leave the ground, such as fountains, sparklers, smoke balls, snake-type fireworks, and most novelty items. (Colorado Legal)

What fireworks are safe for kids?

Kids should never play with fireworks. All fireworks, including novelty, parachutes, and sparklers should be used while under adult supervision. Click here to learn more about firework safety.

Where can you shoot off fireworks?

We offer a free shoot site if you do not have a safe legal option of your own, this site is open July 1st through the 4th 8pm to midnight. please check the safe shoot tab or call us for more information.

How hot do sparklers get?

Sparklers burn hot and can burn at a temperature of approximately 1,800 degree Fahrenheit. Click here for more safety information on sparklers.

Where can I store my fireworks?

Fireworks should be stored in a cool, dry area.

What is the safest way to shoot off fireworks?

Planning ahead and reviewing firework safety information will help you celebrate safety. Plan ahead to make sure have all the necessary safety equipment – eye protection, a bucket of water, and cinder blocks will all be useful in securing your fireworks. Review state and city laws and read through our safety tips.